Goodbye Dry January, Hello High January

Celebrate Dry January with Trojan Horse Cannabis and High Spirits, a month dedicated to a healthier start to the year by abstaining from alcohol. Embrace this wellness journey with our unique cannabis-infused seltzers, offering a delightful alternative to traditional alcoholic beverages.

What You’ll Receive:

  • 12 Cans of Underworld: Enjoy the tantalizing Cherry Lime flavor in this unique cannabis-infused seltzer. Each can contains 10mg THC, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience.
  • 12 Cans of Oracle: Refresh your palate with the crisp Grapefruit Lemon taste of Oracle. This premium cannabis-infused seltzer also contains 10mg THC, crafted for a refreshing and balanced flavor experience.

Join us in redefining the Dry January experience with our specially cannabis crafted seltzers, designed for those seeking a novel and enjoyable way to participate in this month of wellness and mindfulness.


$99.96 + Free Shipping


Over 300,000 cans sold!




Savor the serene power of tranquility with each sip, embodying the essence of High Spirits.

Gluten Free

Crafted to suit every lifestyle, ensuring everyone can indulge.

High THC

Potent and powerful, for those seeking a heightened experience.


Advanced technology for enhanced bioavailability and faster effects.

Versatile Dosing

With 10mg in a can, enjoy multiple servings to achieve your perfect level.

Cannabis Reimagined

Nano-emulsified and in a can, discover a new way to enjoy cannabis.


Experience the bold fusion of THC, Cherry, and Lime in Underworld

Surrender to the vibrant blend of tart cherry and zesty lime, sweetened just right, creating a revitalizing yet soothing potion.

Underworld’s allure isn’t just in its strength, but in its vibrant energy of rejuvenation. Relish this dynamic concoction and embrace the vigor of an Underworld spirit.

With 10mg THC per can, this 12-pack of Cherry Lime seltzers is crafted to uplift your senses and energize your soul!

10mg THC per Can - 12 Pack - Fast Acting


Discover the potent mix of THC, Grapefruit, and Lemon in Oracle.

Yield to the refreshing combination of sharp grapefruit and tangy lemon, balanced with a subtle sweetness, forming a stimulating yet calming nectar.

Oracle doesn’t just command with might, but with the serene power of insight. Enjoy this balanced blend and experience the wisdom of an Oracle.

Featuring 10mg THC per can, this 12-pack of Grapefruit Lemon seltzers is designed to elevate your spirit and enlighten your mind!

10mg THC per Can - 12 Pack - Fast Acting

  • Nano-Emulsified: Advanced formulation for enhanced bioavailability and faster effects.
  • High THC Content: Packed with 10mg of potent Delta-9 THC per can for a powerful experience.
  • Hemp-Derived: Sourced from premium hemp, ensuring purity and quality.
  • 2018 Hemp Bill Compliant: Adhering to regulations for your peace of mind and safety.

Begin by giving the can a gentle shake to ensure the contents are well-mixed. Pop it open and pour into a glass or sip directly. For those new to cannabis beverages, start with a smaller serving, perhaps a quarter or half a can, and wait for effects before consuming more. The nano-emulsified formula ensures a swift onset, so it’s best to pace yourself. Always consume responsibly and enjoy the refreshing, modern way to experience cannabis.

Water, Sugar, Citric Acid, Natural & Artificial Flavors, Sodium, Benzoate, Pptassium Sorbate, Sucralose, Caramel Color, Hemp Extract 

Why people are loving HIGH SPIRITS


“The perfect blend of flavors and the right amount of kick. It’s my go-to for relaxation without the hangover.”



“Underworld is a refreshing change from traditional cannabis for me. It’s modern, potent, and the ideal evening companion.”



“I was skeptical at first, but Oracle has become a staple in my routine. The 10mg of THC is perfectly balanced, and the flavor is unlike any other cannabis beverage I’ve tried. Highly recommend!”


“High Spirits has truly redefined my cannabis experience. The nano-emulsified formula hits just right, and I love that I can enjoy it without any alcohol-related downsides. Cheers to the future of cannabis!”


We stand by the quality of our products. Our products are third-party tested to ensure the highest standards.